Also in this issue (#15), typologies of the “invisible” working class, and stories celebrating everyday creativity
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December 2022

Gift ideas from Chinese visual artists for photographers, bookworms, and friends of all stripes

November 2022

Our urgent suggestions to visual journalists/editors working in/on China
Issue #13: In this two-part series, we'll explore the topic of labor from reportage to personal essays.

October 2022

Hi there, It’s Yan, Beimeng, and Charlotte here. This summer, China recorded its highest temperatures and one of its lowest levels of rainfall in six…

August 2022

Hi there, It’s Beimeng, Charlotte and Yan here. After a short break, we’re back at the tail end of summer with stories that have moved us. Over the last…

July 2022

Hi all, Next Tuesday, July 12, we’ll have a conversation on the state of Chinese visual storytelling with David Campbell, managing editor of VII…

May 2022

Hi there, This issue marks Far & Near's first anniversary! A year ago, we launched this newsletter to provide nuanced insights into China and elevate…

April 2022

Stories from the Shanghai lockdown: PCR test body horror + “Run P.R.C” + quarantine hotel pop-up concepts + Voices of April

March 2022

Great stories you may have missed recently.
In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we’d like to first and foremost highlight Ukrainian visual journalists on the ground so you can follow…