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Welcome to Far & Near by Yan Cong, Beimeng Fu, and Ye Charlotte Ming.

We bring you stories created by Chinese visual journalists, artists, and filmmakers in Chinese media, and provide analysis of the important social and cultural topics in the country.

China is a complicated, multifaceted society that deserves to be understood from diverse points of view. Far & Near seeks to provide human-centric coverage centering on agency and autonomy, and help people understand the country from the inside, beyond geo-political headlines. 

We publish curated issues, Q&A with Chinese visual storytellers, and special issues responding to the most urgent stories from China. 

Here are some of our most popular stories: 

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What others say about Far & Near

We’re a Substack featured publication in 2021 and 2022. Our previous work has been recommended by leading publications on China and the media landscape such as Sinocism, The China Project, Semafor, and The Nieman Lab. 

Who We Are

We are three women from China with backgrounds in visual media.

Yan Cong is formerly a photojournalist currently pursuing a research MA in new media and digital culture in Amsterdam. 

Beimeng Fu is a video journalist based in Shanghai. She is a lover of languages and documentaries. 

Ye Charlotte Ming is a journalist and visuals editor covering stories about culture, history, and identity. She’s based in Berlin. 

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Highlighting visual storytelling from China, through Chinese eyes.


Highlighting visual storytelling from China, through Chinese eyes.