Hi there, This issue marks Far & Near's first anniversary! A year ago, we launched this newsletter to provide nuanced insights into China and elevate the work of Chinese visual artists. To date, we have curated some of the most vital work coming out of China,
Stories from the Shanghai lockdown: PCR test body horror + “Run P.R.C” + quarantine hotel pop-up concepts + Voices of April
Great stories you may have missed recently.
In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we’d like to first and foremost highlight Ukrainian visual journalists on the ground so you can follow…
In Issue #6, we speak to the Chinese photographer about transitioning from journalism to art and being an Asian artist in the U.S.
Our favorite photobooks, magazines, and independent film streaming service
Hi there, It’s Yan, Beimeng, and Charlotte here. This month we picked three very different visual stories from China: a tender personal project that…
Hi there, It’s Yan, Beimeng, and Charlotte here. This month, we are back with a regular issue of Far & Near, presenting you with a collection of the…
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